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The Gist

Deluxe rates top of the field for excellent customer satisfaction, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a superior TrustPilot rating of 9.5/10. They aim to provide a personalized service where they match you with a designer and offer you a range of logo designs, based on customers’ personal information. Their website offers a transparent look at the design process and an impressive gallery, where professional designs can be browsed at your leisure.

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Deluxe Highlights

  • Offering professional, high-quality logo designs

  • Have a varied selection of professional designers

  • Have an impressive online gallery; providing you with a good insight into the kinds of high quality logos they can produce


  • Deluxe produce professional, high-quality logo designs

  • Allows you to browse a range of professional designers, so you can find the best for fit for you

  • Impresses with an easily navigated interface, clear description of the design process and a gallery of high-impact logo designs

  • Customer service is well rated and tailored to the customer; they choose a professional designer based on your needs and offer a ‘100% Satisfaction Guarantee’


  • The website could be improved by making it easier to find contact information for any queries

  • To make their logo designs even more compelling, Deluxe could provide some backstory to the companies they have designed for and the creative process they went through, with each one

Value for Money

The Deluxe service is much more of a bespoke one when compared to other logo providers that are perhaps more logo mills. Deluxe is clearly a much smaller team of designers, but a team that really packs a punch, so you’re getting lots of bang for your buck. So, while Deluxe don’t offer a range of design packages for their services, prices start from $195. The designers they have on board seem to be very friendly, professional, experienced, and committed to ensuring your logo design is tailored to your needs and multiple design revisions are included.


Deluxe makes clear that their team of designers each have an average of 14 years’ experience in the industry; leaving you feeling assured that you’re dealing with a great team of talented professionals. Their portfolio also presents a range of high-quality logo designs, so you know you’re in the best possible hands.

Contract Terms

The site does include a comprehensive directory of terms and conditions, policies and service agreements for every aspect of their logo design and brand creation service. It’s very well documented, covering everything you’d need to know before going ahead. Including your obligations as a customer, payment terms, refunds and warranty. They are also very responsive if you get in touch to help in any way they can.

Customer Service

Deluxe offer great customer service; fill in a short form about your logo design needs and wants and Deluxe will work to find you a strong match from their team of skilled designers. They offer a ‘100% Satisfaction Guarantee’ and have an impressive rating of 9.5 out of 10, from TrustPilot.

Design Process

Deluxe promise a fast turn around and claim that they will present you with a range of logo choices from their professional designers. In addition, they also offer multiple revisions. They promise initial logo designs following your brief, within 5 days. Which is a good turnaround time for what seems like a solid, quality service.


Deluxe offer great customer service and a truly personalized, professional service. The design process is made transparent on their website and appears to be very professional. Deluxe seem passionately dedicated to customer satisfaction with an excellent TrustPilot rating and a ‘100% Satisfaction Guarantee’.

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