DesignMantic Review

Best For

  • Small businesses who want a professionally-designed logo without having to pay too much by opening a logo design competition

  • Someone who understands exactly what they want, and wants to keep creative control over the process by using the DIY feature

  • Anyone who wants a quick, original logo created for them in a hurry, using the free logo generator

The Bottom Line

DesignMantic offers thousands of logo designs to choose from and the DIY feature allows you to bring your own personal touch to the creative process. Style your logo until you are satisfied with the results by searching for a range of templates and customize them yourself. DesignMantic also supports those who want a do-it-for-me option by offering full custom design through completion.

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  • DesignMantic’s DIY logo maker is free, fast, and easy-to-use

  • Thousands of customizable templates

  • You have creative control and can obtain fast results, using the search engine and DIY logo maker


  • Sample logos and previous work are not on the DIY Logo Design builder page, where it would be helpful Doesn’t offer  interactive customer-service options such as live chat.

  • Lacks information about designers, such as experience or the verification process.

Value for Money

This company offers DIY logo design generation for free, which you can then purchase if you’re happy for  $37. The range of templates on offer and the speed of the design process makes it a good value.

Customers who want their logo designed for them can get a fully-custom designed, original logo by opening up a design contest where you invite designers to submit proposals for your company's logo. If you don't like any of the designs submitted, you can try again with a slightly different brief without losing any money. Once you choose a first draft, you can ask for a number of revisions. With prices around $200-$300 for a professionally-designed logo, DesignMantic is very cost effective whether your brief is for a simple logo or a full-blown set of business stationery.


DesignMantic’s DIY logo maker presents a wide portfolio of logo design elements which you can browse with ease. Its selection of templates, icons, fonts, shapes, and colors is pretty much endless, making it a good option for anyone who likes to explore possible options and have a wide variety to choose from.

DesignMantic’s custom design arm is run by ZilllionDesigns, which employs over 100,000 talented designers. There isn’t any information on either DesignMantic or ZillionDesigns’ websites about the designers behind the logo designs, and  thus no way of knowing the  experience of  the designer. That said, when buying a logo, what matters is the product that you can see for yourself rather than the qualifications that went into making it.

Contract Terms

The contract information and process behind the site is clear, and everything you need to know is easy to find on the FAQ page, as is the full terms & conditions of using this service. Both of these sections cover all the important information on pricing, refunds, rights, security, description of service, as well as concepts and revisions. One of the most important contract elements to note is that once you have paid for a design, it is closed. Revisions after you've paid for the final design are considered to be an entirely new design, and are priced that way.

Customer Service

DesignMantic boasts some testimonials from satisfied customers, which include praise for its quick and professional responses. Getting this level of assurance is important for logo design sites, since much of the work is done remotely with the client and the designer rarely meeting in person. Telephone support is only available during working hours, 5 days a week, but you can contact DesignMantic at any time using the email contact form on the website, and the customer support team are quick to reply.

Design Process

DesignMantic’s DIY logo maker site promises to be fast and easy to use. There are 4 clear,guided steps to create your perfect logo, so you can easily search the different categories, with logo designs categorized by industry, lettering, shapes, and designs. DesignMantic boasts that you'll have your perfect logo in minutes, but obviously, the time it takes depends on how many times you want to change an element of the logo. Once you're done, you can download the full design files and begin using it immediately. You can change your logo on the DIY builder as many times as you’d like, but once you’ve paid for it and downloaded it, any changes require that you start all over again and pay a second time.

Custom design takes longer than the DIY builder, as you need to first set your price for the contest and share a creative brief to guide designers. The ‘How it Works’ page will take you through the process every step of the way. Design proposals begin rolling in within a few hours, but you have 7 days to ask for revisions, send feedback, and choose a design submission. You then get another 7 days to make a final choice from among the proposals. You can ask for unlimited revisions as long as you’re still within your seven days, but once the contest has ended and you’ve paid for your design, any revisions will be priced as an entirely new design request.


DesignMantic’s clear and concise information is key to a smooth customer experience. Its speedy and efficient DIY tool has excellent customer service reviews and is a fast way to getting your own logo. The custom logo design contest option is an added benefit, as a shortcut to a professionally-designed logo at a reasonable price.

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