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Online Free Logo allows for fast, easy logo design with their DIY logo generator. The site offers great value for money as you can design your logo for free. The company also provide good customer service.

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Online Free Logo Highlights

  • The DIY logo generator is fast and free

  • A range of logo designs to choose from

  • Strong customer service


  • Online Free Logo’s design service is fast and easy to use; you’ll have your logo ready to use in minutes

  • The company provide a variety of designs to use for logo designs

  • It’s free to create your design

  • Use your logo design on a range of different products; from mugs to t-shirts


  • The website lists information in a concise way, rather than providing a more in-depth exploration of various areas

  • You have to sign up to the company, in order to use your logo

Value For Money

Time is money for many business owners, so a big benefit of using Online Free Logo, is that it is completely free to design your logo, and it’s fast and easy to use - often giving you a logo to use within minutes. Need a jumping off point? Online Free Logo also provides a range of products showcasing company logos, and all for a reasonable price.


Since Online Free Logo allows you to design your own logo, there’s no real need for a portfolio or a detailed description of the experience. You’re captain of your own fate in that respect. Just remember that in order to use the logo, you’ll need to register. But it’s quick and easy and once you’re done, you can use the logo design you’ve created to your heart’s content; whether you’re just downloading for later use, or using on the full gamut of branded products - from mugs to t-shirts.

Contract Terms

There is a detailed ‘Terms of Use’ contract, on the web page, which covers: copyright, terms of use, as well as purchase and services information. An important section to note is the ‘copyright in material’, which details how the individual constituents of the logo design are used for other customers, and that it does not guarantee that your logo will not have elements that are similar or identical to other parties.

Customer Service

The easy design process, range of custom logo designs and the great value for money, present Online Free Logo as a company who care about customer satisfaction. They make it really easy to get in touch - social links are clear so you can follow and get support through twitter and Facebook. They don’t appear to have a phone number, seeming to answer queries via email. That said, they do have a space to put your phone number so you could expect a call if necessary.

Design Process

The DIY logo generator is easy to use and promises fast results. There are 4 easy steps. Input your company name and tagline; select the industry you belong to; choose and customize the options like fonts, colors and spacing. Then buy and download! You will instantly receive high resolution .svg and .pdf files after purchasing your design. It does make clear that to open and change these files, you will need professional design software like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand.


Online Free Logo is a great choice for anyone who wants to be involved in designing their logo quickly and efficiently. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers great value for money. The sheer range of logo designs to choose from, coupled with the strong customer service really standout.

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